Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Results Are In!

Well folks, the results are in!  Our family doctor called yesterday with the results of my son's abdominal ultrasound and blood work.  It is essentially good news but still leaves a lot of questions regarding what he can and cannot eat.

The good news - he does NOT have Celiac disease, but our removal of gluten from his diet over the past 3 weeks has definitely proven that he has a gluten intolerance.  

The abdominal ultrasound was "unremarkable" and through a process of elimination he has been officially diagnosed with IBS due to anxiety, and gluten intolerance.

A great deal of relief that nothing of interest showed up in the tests, although I do kind of feel like an IBS diagnosis basically means "we can't figure out your stomach issues but here's what we'll call it."

You could say the relief was contagious because my son's reaction was "It's a good thing they didn't find anything because I am NOT having any more blood tests!"  :)

I second that!  Both of us turning green in the blood lab was something I could do without having to do again any time soon!

And appears our gluten-free journey continues!

~ The Lazy Gourmet


  1. I have IBS - took a long long time to figure out what the triggers were / are.... keep a log book of food consumed / stresses and reactions... I have an intolerance as well as lactose intolerance - took me a while to figure it out.......

    Happy to hear it was not positive for Celiac.

  2. Thanks Deb. We have been "food tracking" for weeks now to see if there are any other triggers besides the gluten. It's a very frustrating and time-consuming process, that's for sure.