Sunday, 30 March 2014

New Look - New Goals :)

New Look - New Goals!

Welcome back to The Lazy Gourmet Blog.  And Happy Spring!!

I hope you will enjoy our new look and our updated mission.  Yes, I will keep the quick and easy recipes coming, cuz we all have to eat you know!  

But, as I enter this Spring having recently turned 40, I suddenly have a lot of clarity about not only what I want for my life and who I want (and don't want) in it, but also the lessons my life has taught me are becoming clearer.  Things I thought were just bumps in the road or heartaches along the way, have taught me so much about myself and have made me into the person I am today. 

I'm still a work in progress and by no means perfect, but these things my life has taught me, sometimes years ago, are now becoming clear as I mature (ha!) and look back on my life with a different perspective and a clearer, more "tuned in" view of life.

Don't want to go all OPRAH on you, but life has so much to teach us if we are ready to learn.  I resisted for close to 40 years and it didn't bring me much happiness.  Now, at 40, I'm done resisting (well, I'm trying to be done resisting!) and I feel a weight being lifted and good things coming into my life.

Will there still be trials, tribulations, heartaches and the bullsh*t that goes along with everyday life?  Yup! But I intend to learn from it and share those experiences here, along with the easy-peasey recipes we have all come to love.

So, thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to follow me via email, comment if you feel the urge (respectfully please) and share us on Facebook and Twitter.  The more the merrier!

Happy Spring!

~ The Lazy Gourmet

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