Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monday Night Bow Tie Pesto

Monday Night Bow Tie Pesto


- 1/2 cup cream cheese
- 1/2 cup basil pesto
- 1/2 cup milk (approx - depending on how thick you like your sauce)
- 450g bag of bow tie (Farfalle) pasta
- veggies of your choice - we use mushrooms & green beans


- boil water for pasta and have it cooking while you do sauce
- saute your veggies in a large frying pan
- add cream cheese and stir until it melts
- add milk slowly until you get desired thickness
- stir in pesto
- allow mixture to simmer while pasta cooks
- add a splash more milk prior to serving if sauce is too thick
- coat pasta in sauce and serve

Serves 4 and is also great next day as a cold pasta salad-type dish.

Cook time - approx 15 minutes

*I've found that everyone likes their sauce a bit different, so tend to vary the amount of cream cheese, milk & pesto to suit. Look at me being all creative! ;)

~ The Lazy Gourmet

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